live training

30 West IP offers three two types of training: Recurrent Training, or Initial Training, See below for which training fits your business aviation needs.

All training includes email and telephone access to an instructor for follow-up questions. We encourage clients to reach out after the training with any additional questions. Should a trip arise to a region you have never operated in before, we can also provide a brief follow-up training event at a later date.

The Completion Certificate is a statement from an FAA Licensed Instructor Pilot certifying that the attendees have completed the training as detailed within the certificate. The documentation is in a letter which is emailed to the clients after completion as well as a wallet size card for the crew to carry with them.  

Recurrent Training

  • Who: Recurrent training is for Business Aviation Pilots operating internationally who have previously completed an initial international operations training course

  • What:

    • ICAO resources and ramp audit protocols

    • RVSM, Communication Surveillance and Navigation (CNS) standards

    • Data Link PBCS standards are integrated into all aspects of the courseware

    • Honeywell or Rockwell Collins’ cockpit avionics graphics are available to support a client’s own specific cockpit

    • Oceanic contingency procedures also include data link and are explored with graphics and an emphasis on cockpit resources.

    • Regional implementations wrap up the study placing all the previous elements into a regionally specific context

    • Updates on emerging technologies and implementations such as RLatSM and Space Based ADS-B

    • All courseware is easily adaptable and can be interchanged with other training modules to allow the instructor to switch focus if an area of interest is identified

  • Length: Eight hours

  • Where: Recurrent training can be conducted at our home base in Dallas or onsite at our clients' hangar


  • Who: Initial training is for Business Aviation Pilots who will be operating internationally with no previous experience required

  • What: Addresses all the topics in Recurrent Training in an expanded format. In addition, this training includes the additional topics identified in FAA Advisory Circular 91-70B to include trip planning, altimetry, PANS-OPS instrument procedures, oceanic plotting, and equal time points

  • Length: Three full days

  • Where: Initial training can be conducted at our home base in Dallas or onsite at our clients' hangars