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  Photos by Matthias Gieger under license

30 West IP provides International Procedures training for business aviation crews worldwide. Whether you prefer live or online training, an introduction to the basics or updated training for veterans, our training fits your needs.

30 West

Have you ever been asked by an Instructor Pilot, “What if that happened at 30 West?”

30 West represents more than just a longitude in the middle of the Atlantic - it’s a place of clarity. Our training applies classroom lessons to the real world so Business Aviation pilots meet the needs of Air Traffic Space Managers with confidence.


International Procedures (IP), the constantly evolving regulatory environment that requires even the most seasoned Business Aviation Pilots to continue their education. (IP also stands for Instructor Pilot, in this case, an old and gray pilot who has decades of experience in business aviation).



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                   Join us at the NBAA's International Operators Conference

                   Join us at the NBAA's International Operators Conference